Teh Penguin who loves Sailor Moon
Hey! I'm Caroline, or Caro for short! ^_^
This here's my personal blog, but it's mainly Sailor Moon stuff. Like, 99% of the time, you'll see Sailor Moon things. Because I'm obsessed. Occasionally there'll be other stuff, usually things I find cute or funny.
About me! I'm a college freshman. I'm majoring in English-Creative Writing. And, umm... I'm kinda awkward, but I'm totally up to chatting with people! :)

The donut doesn’t look so great cuz I had to cut it in half BUT I ASSURE YOU IT IS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS


(kaleidoscopekingdoms this is the donut place i was goin on about)

  1. trimmedarmour said: this is like hd vintage food pics
  2. penguintejas posted this
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